Walk By Faith

Walk By Faith

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

BiG nEwS

Lets start with asking for some prayer!! My missions team leaves in two days for Athens. Just yesterday did our contact give us any information about our trip. To our knowledge we are going to be doing a little sightseeing, but our main focus will be working at a refugee center called the Oasis in Athens. Oasis works with Afghanistan and Iranian refugees. Please be praying for camaraderie and cultural sensitivity. Pray for patience and flexibility. Following that I am taking two of my girls to some of the islands. Both these students are Korean and so they are unable to go home for the break. So I offered to take them around so they wouldn't have to find someone to crash with for one week. I am excited because they willing be moving to North America in the fall for college and I am excited to talk and use this time to pour into their lives. Well, here is the biggest news. I have decided to return to the states, meaning I am leaving Black Forest Academy. This has been a long drawn out process, but I cannot deny the peace the Lord has given me. Even though this decision is difficult and I will be leaving my AMAZING girls, but without a shadow of doubt I know this is His will. Here is my thought process: When I made my decision in October I felt good. Why would it be bad to leave Europe or my girls? But very quickly things were just not working out. I began to blame a lot of people here for my "unhappiness" and I began to rethink my decision in November. When we came back from Christmas Break I was ready for things to get better, but they didn't. They immediately got worse. I had to then recognize what was causing me to point my finger at people. I came to realize that I was bitter and frustrated. But at WHAT? Over the course of a month or so I came to recognize that I had made my decisions about staying based on fear and guilt. Fear that I was failing if I didn't stay for a third year. I like to go above and beyond what is expected of me, so if I didn't stay longer I was failing. And Guilt that I was letting my girls down; that I wasn't going to be there to protect them nor fight for them. Coming to those conclusions, truth was spoken to me and I realized that God does not meddle in guilt or fear. So, at the end of February I asked the Lord to reveal to me by a specific date where He was leading me and I would follow and that I needed a physical representation of that knowledge. On that date, a burden was lifted from my shoulders and a peace "that was beyond all understanding" was very present with me. It is still with me despite the heartache of telling my girls and so much unknown ahead. I am looking to pursue an intensive course in Spanish (possibly in Costa Rica) and then starting a website database for non-profits, service based organizations and ministries using photography to present their ministries. They Lord may change His direction, but for right now I am just taking it day by day and keeping my eyes on Him! I have learned that as we trust in Him we are filled with peace and joy (Romans 15:13)!! I am sorry that I didn't call you and explain this, but this was the best way I knew how to tell you. Thanks for everything. peace cara

Friday, March 19, 2010

SpRiNg Is In ThE aIr!!

I just laid out in the sun for two hours. How much the weary days of winter dragged on. The spring sun is welcomed and thanked. I just thought you should all know how much the sun benefits all of humanity. Just like the Son of God!!! (I know that was cheesy)

But also please be praying for my missions team. We leave on Friday for Greece. There is a lot still not known but we are trying to get organized and on top of things. Also, be praying for me after. Two of my students can't go home so I am taking them around Greeec. Pray for protection and us to be street smart.

Monday, March 15, 2010


I love moments that just envelope you and you wish you could never leave them. Within the past week and a half the Lord has just renewed my spirit and there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel. It is as if, there was this dark, luminous cloud constantly hanging over my head and all of a sudden it has dissipated and the sun has returned. I am thankful for that. It is not healthy nor is it how the Lord desires us to live. Even amidst hardship, the Lord brings us joy and we should be joyful in recognizing His presence. "Rejoice in the Lord always', and again I say 'Rejoice.'"

On Friday night my fellow RA, Erin, and I were in the kitchen preparing brunch for the next morning. Of course this evening I was an innocent by-product of people's own playful behavior in the kitchen. (wink, wink). I was hiding behind one of our refrigerator doors, with butter and cream cheese in my arms. Erin stood about 5 yards away with a homemade frisbee (it was actually a tupperware container that is oversized and round). As I sat their trying to figure out the best escape route, Erin proclaims, "I am going to decapitate you!" I knew I had to flee my position or I would be a dead woman. So immediately did what any secret service agent would do, I dove from behind my first hiding place towards the next available shelter. I threw my body into the air, ducking down to just miss the flying orb, but within the process of ducking my head made contact with the metal counter in front of me (my depth perception was way off). It made huge sound; I collapsed on the floor in a fit of hysterical laughing. Let's just say, I gave up career ambition of entering the CIA.

Monday, March 8, 2010

ToO mUcH tO tElL...

I have so much to say, but don't even know where to begin. I will just talk about our dorm's annual Famous Couples night. All the girls pick a famous couple and their friend picks the top three male counterparts. Then we, RAs, call the boys. Tonight was our night. The girls were in amazing outfits and so were the boys. We had Yoko Ono and John Lennon, Sleeping Beauty and Prince Phillip, Dory and Nemo, a Bee and a Beehive, Nacho Libre and Encarnacion...just to name a few. The students ate dinner, played Bingo, ate dessert and then they prepared introductions of their couple. Last year I felt like the room had a giant elephant in it, but this year it was just so easy. It was just not as awkward as last year.

One thing I did learn was how vital it is to have God at the center of everything, even little dorm events. He reminded me how much I had taken into my hands and didn't let Him in at all. It is so important to include Him in our planning and tasks because He is apart of our lives. Relying on my human efforts I made a few errors this evening, but He overcame my single-mindedness and allowed the evening to be a success. HE IS SO GOOD!!

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