Walk By Faith

Walk By Faith

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Remember When

Remember when getting ready would literally take hours; remember when you were frightened that you would pin your date when putting on the boutonniere; remember when you feared spilling your drink on yourself and ruining your dress; remember when you would complain because the heels you "just had to have" were hurting so bad; remember when you kept pulling on your dress because it would slip down and you would feel awkward...
O I got to relive those moments tonight.  BFA had their Christmas Banquet.  It is equivalent to high school dances, but there is no dancing... that is "BFA unapproved".  So instead they pay for dinner and a program including Christmas wishes being granted and performances by students.  Kate Jones, a junior in my dorm, was voted on the court.  It was a night of fun times with new friends, but also a time to reminisce on the past.  You will never get to experience high school again and sometimes I truly wish I could go back and embrace everything that I felt back then.  It was a great time in life that I truly appreciate!

Friday, November 21, 2008

God's Good....

Today I woke up from the weirdest dream. It took place in my dorm. Within the dream I just saw spiritual warfare...I know that sounds strange and scary, but it is something my dorm staff has discussed throughout the beginning of this year. Prior to BFA acquiring our dorm it was used by a group of Hitler Youth from WWII, so we know that Satan, at least at one point, was alive and well in this place. But then I woke up from my dream and looked out my window. It had snowed. The beauty and serene white gave me a sense of peace that the Lord was with me and not going to leave my side. That is what I am constantly reminded of since I moved here. When I am weak, He is strong...when I want to get depressed and hide in a corner, He brings me joy. It is a beautiful moment and experience with God.
Thank you for your prayers....

Monday, November 17, 2008

Weekend Chaos...

My weekend started off with three hundred individuals coming to see our dorm. My dorm was decorated like a little kid's playhouse. We had a tea party, play-do, looney tunes, a fort, a dress-up corner...the whole dynamics of living like a little kid.
And if that wasn't stressful enough I had to make Thanksgiving dinner. I was in charge of making some pies and the green bean casserole and other necessities to make dinner successful. Talk about pressure. But I will be ready to volunteer my expertise when I come home!!!
And then after church on Sunday I received an email from my mom asking what items she would like me to grab from my room because there were fires near my home. It was so surreal. I would never had thought to receive an email like that. It just made me really think what was improtant to me and what truly mattered. Praise the Lord for his protection over my family. But I pray for those who I know that have lost everything.
May that Lord bless you this week....

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Different Strokes

So as my time here progresses it is getting harder and harder to be away from family and friends. Yes, I am forming relationships; yes, I am traveling and seeing the sights of Europe; yes, I love my job; and yes, I know the Lord has me here. But in the end, it does not take away the fact that I miss myfamily, friends that I don't have to explain myself to, the beach, and the comforts of home.
The seasons are changing and with that means less time with the sun and communion with nature : ). Our girls have been busy preparing for our open house this coming up weekend. We have, basically all the school over and entertain them for the evening. We are celebrating Thanksgiving this coming up Sunday. Maybe we can try to find a football game to watch; that would make me feel right at home!!!
Besides that I went to Prague!! Probably one of my favorite cities I have been to. I loved how small it was. I was able to just walk and walk and I just happened to run into everything I wanted to see there. I even went to a Tex Mex restaurant. O, how I miss Mexican food.
But besides that many things have stayed the same. Monotony can be nice, but at the same time...I like change. Sometimes after I drop the girls off at school or something, I will drive home a different way just so I do not have to go home the same way I came. I know weird, but it helps the monotony to subside.
I hope all is well....please let me know how you are doing. I would greatly appreciate it.

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