Walk By Faith

Walk By Faith

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Nope Haven't Left Yet...

Tomorrow is the big day! But I just thought I should tell you that one of our girls is leaving the dorm.  She is way behind in her school work.  We have tried so many different tactics to help her bring her grades up and allow her to get life in order.  For her, life is just so jumbled that she has not been able to keep up or focus on the things she needs to get done to finish her senior year; so her mom is moving to Kandern to help her finish.  It is a good thing for her sake, but it is hard to know that her mom has had to leave the mission field to help her daughter.  Yet maybe that is the only thing that will get her through this time.  Just pray for our seniors to be able to keep up their grades and graduate...that is weary on their minds.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

3 MoRe DaYs

Great NEWS!!! I got my new digital camera today! I am super excited because now I can use it when I go to Africa.  I am going on a two day safari and I plan to take many pictures.  Also, we are going to see Victoria Falls.  Both Victoria Falls and a safari are on my "goals to accomplish in life" list.  Then for the rest of the time I will be seeing what my friend Chris has been up to since August.  I am excited to experience Zambian life and also to see what kind of dreams I get from my Malaria pills.  I have heard that people get very vivid dreams due to the malaria pills.  That makes me nervous, but it comes with the experience.  
Lately, I have just been feeling really young and immature compared to everyone I am working with.  Maybe it is my Californian mentality of "go with the flow", but I just feel like I am being looked down upon because I am younger.  But once again it is a fleeting feeling; and I just need to recognize that it is only a feeling and not truth (Someone wise once taught me that...my mom).
Pray for safe travels...and some time to recoup from this crazy semester.

Friday, March 20, 2009


The countdown begins. The countdown towards spring break; towards a refreshment; towards AFRICA;towards seeing my good friend, Christopher Taylor;towards a new outlook on life. I have not had a weekend off in six weeks and I am just getting a little tired. I mean I know the Lord is consistently providing me the energy and strength that I need each day, but a little break will be nice!
Lately, I have been seeing the Lord teaching me about watching my tongue. I was actually visualizing how the tongue can be used to praise the Lord and then how it turns around and is used to criticize people and tear people down. I know that sounds weird, but picture what damage that can do. Also, I was looking at the freedom of choice the Lord gives us and how often I misuse this gift...how often do I choose things of this world rather than pursuing the Creator and choosing His love?
Please pray for protection through my travels and that my eyes are open to what the Lord has before me.
O...also I get to see Ellie McElroy this week. Ellie is one of my mom's dearest friends. She is visiting a student she had living with her and her husband. I am really excited.

Friday, March 13, 2009

LiFe Is SwEet!

Yesterday I was getting very cynical, sick, and focusing so much on things at home that I was missing, rather than looking at the positive in my circumstances.  Then all of a sudden I decided to get out of bed and start writing letters.  I came to the realization that as soon as I got my eyes off myself I was able to find the joy in life and appreciate more the opportunities the Lord has provided for me.  That was a good moment!  
This last weekend we went to Nuremberg for the BFA's high school retreat.  Everyone stayed in a castle with a wall that surrounded a portion of the city.  In World War II, this was Hitler's prime Nazi city.  He had been building structures to represent the Nazi's glory.  They were created in such a way to make its members feel like they were apart of something big, but realize how minor they were in comparison. 
Truly it was an amazing retreat.  I was partnered with a dorm mom and a small group of girls.  Seeing how she challenged these girls was encouraging.  She definitely challenged me.  Through this experience I came to realize how much I enjoyed working behind the scenes aspect of this sort event.  Hume has showed me that.  Camp offered me this area of involvement; it was a place to serve those and minister but in a capacity I felt more comfortable with and more effective than being the one entertained.
Well, we only have two more weeks till spring break...pray for all our girls that are going on missions trip and that we will be able to make it till then. 

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