Walk By Faith

Walk By Faith

Friday, November 27, 2009

Laughter is the BEST Medicine!

This old adage is so True! From time to time we see how this statement comes to life and last night was no exception.
Erin (my co-RA) and I were preparing the hot lunch for today actually. We were making a vegetable, ham soup. We had gone through the first step of instructions and then were on to adding the ham to the vegetables that were alredy stewing. Too bad that German ham bone is not pre-prepared like in the states, nor is it actually at all appealing. Erin and I called our dorm mom and she told us to just place it in the stew and let it cook. After about an hour of the meat simmering in the pot and the vegetables deteriorating into mush, we attempted to pull out the precarious piece of meat. I grabbed a knife to help add leverage to retrieve the victim. As soon as I punctured the skin of the ham (aka pork) blood came spewing out into the soup. I must have penetrated some artery. From my disgust came a horrendous scream. At that noise two girls came running into thekitchen to know what on earth was happening. Which lead into Erin and I being tickled because we refused for them to see our monstrosity, let alone what would have been their lunch for tomorrow. They left but returned with re-inforcements. I wound up placing the pan on the floor with me on top so that none of the girls could see inside. As I sat their with a moist darier, I figured I was going to begin the meal over again since this turned out to be a disasterous experiment so I caved to the girls' demands and showed it to them. They just stood with their mouths wide open. Complete disgust was written across their forheads.

Last night I was highly cynical and bitter about the having to prepare another soup for 30 people again, but today...I know I will never forget that moment of ecstasy.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

SwInE fLu

Right now, our school is in the path of the dreaded swine flu. Students are dropping like flies and we have one confirmed case. The German government is threatening us with closing our doors for seven days. In our dorm at this moment there are only three, but I have a feeling there are several more that will become victims of this forboding illness. Please be praying that it is contained and stopped before it gets worse.


There have been so much bombarding me lately.  Decisions, meetings, activities, girls, chores, errands... Life has just become a little overwhelming.  It doesn't make me tire or frustrated with what I am doing, it just makes me think more about the purposes for why I am doing what I am doing.  Why have I decided to travel half way around the world, live in a dorm with 20 high school girls, give up my independence, be far from family and friends, put life on hold?  I then think about everything that Lord is doing and has done and I wonder if I am being selfish and allowing myself to become my focus rather than what the Lord has called me to do here...

That's where I am at...

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