Walk By Faith

Walk By Faith

Saturday, June 20, 2009


It is so close I can taste it.  I can't believe it is finally coming to the point that I am able to go home.  Last year I was planning on staying till Christmas.  For my own sake I am glad that did not pan out. I know this time at home will be hectic, but truly beneficial for my own mental state.  Soon I will be hopping on a plane and making my way back to CALI! 
Right now I am helping dog sit this American Pit Bull.  She drools, eats horse pooh, is skiddish around humans, sheds, is hyper-active...and makes me appreciate my mom enduring our puppies while we were growing up.  Thanks mom! It is like my view of children, I love them, but when I babysit I realize what hard work they are and am thankful for at this point that I do not have the responsibility of raising one.  

Saturday, June 13, 2009


So yesterday was my birthday!  I worked in maintenance driving around.  After work my friend, Sarah, had organized a little dinner with some friends.  It was such a blessing to be with friends and get some MEXICAN food.  I felt truly blessed.  Even though I am far away I know the Lord is providing good friends over here for me.  I feel very encouraged and loved.  Thanks you Lord for being faithful in life...

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

WiThOuT kIdS

The girls are gone and  I am now residing in town at my friend's apartment.  It is nice to be in a home rather than a massive empty dorm.  But while I am waiting anxiously I am fighting a cold and doing back-breaking maintenance, which I can't complain, I do enjoy the physical labor.  All in all, I am really excited to come home...I think that is my motivation.  Actually that is not true.  While I was working today I was thinking about the intense labor we were performing and I thought why am I doing this?  I started sighting the Bible, "Do your work for the Lord rather than for men" was the verse that immediately struck me.  I started directing my work and ethic towards that verse so that it would not be about just getting a job done, because I was told to but rather because I would be doing work that glorifies God!!

Saturday, June 6, 2009


They're gone.  There is just a hollowness walking along the halls of our dorm.  Yes, this is how the dorm feels like at the beginning of every break.  But rooms are empty.  There is not even a remnant of their existence in these rooms.  They aren't coming back.  Well, at least sixteen of them are not.  I am left with just sitting here and reflecting on the year.  But I don't want to...I am lying to myself saying "They are coming back", but I have to tell myself they are not.  Hopefully it won't hit to hard when I actually accept this fact that so many have been apart of my life for a year and mean so much to me and are gone and I don't know when I will see them again.

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