Walk By Faith

Walk By Faith

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

tImE fLiEs

I can't believe it is already the end of February.  I know that it may not seem like time is flying by, but here it feels like warp speed.  Last night, we had our famous couples night.  Each girl chooses a famous duo or couple and then their friend decides a options of dates.  Then we, as the RA staff, call the boys.  We tell them what to dress up as and then they come.  It is all a surprise.  It was fun.  All the students were so creative, but of course it had the awkwardness because some of the boys were just lame about it all.  No offense men, but think back in high school when you were too cool; we had a few of those.  That is what I love about my girls...they are not ashamed to go all out for things like that.  They are known for their ability to have fun and truly enjoy experiences.  But anyways, I was Pam from the Office...how original, I know...this was actually my second time being Pam this year.  No more for me.  
The other weekend I went to Garmisch.  Garmisch is an international army base.  One of my girl's mom lives there.  It is probably the most beautiful place I have been since I have arrived in Germany.  It had just snowed and has one of the largest peaks in all of Europe.  We went the the Cinderella Castle!!! It made me think of Disneyland.  It is always refreshing to stay in a home; we also were able to purchase American food on the base!! I was too overwhelmed that all I bought was floss and some triscuits...big spender, I know.  I had great ambitions, but I wussed out.  

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pray at ALL TIMES!!

I would like to ask your prayer for one of our dorms. In the past 7months, the staff at Sonne, one of our boy dorms, have had fourmembers of their staff of six have life threatening accidents. Theirfemale RA was hit by a log truck, the dorm mom had a horrific bikingaccident, one of the male RAs was basically mauled by a lawn mower,and just this week another male RA's room was lite on fire. We alsodiscovered that the landlord is a proclaimed witch. This isn't a timeto fear, but a time to seek the Lord for protection. Satan isattacking because he knows the work of the Lord that is going on inthis area. He is fearful, but he knows the Mighty work of our God. Iask for you to pray for all our dorms, especially Sonne. God is ourFortress and our Help in times of trouble...Please be praying with us.thanks,Cara

Friday, February 6, 2009

CoNtInUiNg To BrEaThE

Each day is full of its own surprises.  Each day there is a new problem that requires a solution or patience to endure till something can change.  This week with my girls was so fun! There was a SNOW DAY on Monday so I spent the whole time hanging out with them and they really encouraged me through their words and leaving presents the next day of how much it meant to them that I stayed with them on my day off.  I could not have imagined doing anything else.  I really felt like that time was used to further my relationships with the girls and the Lord totally used it to bless me!
On the other hand, one of my closest friends here really did something bad to his ankle.  I have been helping when I can, but I would just pray for it to heal quickly and the doctors figure out what he did.  Also, for his dorm staff who are already short staffed.  Allow them all to work together and see how to pick-up the slack in some areas that he can't normally do.  
Also, the plague (AKA any illness that sweeps through BFA and leaves numerous kids home sick from school) is beginning to strike.  Pray that we are able to combat all those evil germs from the immune systems of our girls.
Love and Peace

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