Walk By Faith

Walk By Faith

Monday, August 11, 2008


I just got news about where I am going to be living and who I am working with!!! I am living in the dorm Wittlingen. My dorm parents are Brant and Laura McGlothlin. And I am so blessed to be working with two girls that I am associated with, Rachel Hosan and Sam Christanssen. It really lightens a burden, but at the same time it adds more questions and thoughts to what is going to happen. It is official...I have a place to live and work!!! CRAZY!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Praise Him In This Storm

I love the fact that our journey is never easy. I love how we must face the day when life feels overwhelming or draining. The other day I went to chapel to hear the high school band lead worship. In that moment I became emotional just realizing that I can still praise the Lord when I feel so stressed and burdened because the Lord is ultimately in control and I need to let Him have that control. Next Tuesday, I am going home for the day to organize some items so that I can ship them to Germany. I still have not raised all my support but I am trusting and taking that step of faith. I am looking forward to seeing my family...it will be a really intimate time with them!!!

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