Walk By Faith

Walk By Faith

Monday, March 15, 2010


I love moments that just envelope you and you wish you could never leave them. Within the past week and a half the Lord has just renewed my spirit and there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel. It is as if, there was this dark, luminous cloud constantly hanging over my head and all of a sudden it has dissipated and the sun has returned. I am thankful for that. It is not healthy nor is it how the Lord desires us to live. Even amidst hardship, the Lord brings us joy and we should be joyful in recognizing His presence. "Rejoice in the Lord always', and again I say 'Rejoice.'"

On Friday night my fellow RA, Erin, and I were in the kitchen preparing brunch for the next morning. Of course this evening I was an innocent by-product of people's own playful behavior in the kitchen. (wink, wink). I was hiding behind one of our refrigerator doors, with butter and cream cheese in my arms. Erin stood about 5 yards away with a homemade frisbee (it was actually a tupperware container that is oversized and round). As I sat their trying to figure out the best escape route, Erin proclaims, "I am going to decapitate you!" I knew I had to flee my position or I would be a dead woman. So immediately did what any secret service agent would do, I dove from behind my first hiding place towards the next available shelter. I threw my body into the air, ducking down to just miss the flying orb, but within the process of ducking my head made contact with the metal counter in front of me (my depth perception was way off). It made huge sound; I collapsed on the floor in a fit of hysterical laughing. Let's just say, I gave up career ambition of entering the CIA.

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