Walk By Faith

Walk By Faith

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


It is that distant dread that everyone attempts to avoid, but at sometime in life we have all experienced it.  We have all been either in one or out.  We know the loneliness on the outside and the ignorance of the inside.  CLICKS...they are inevitable, but can they be avoidable?  I am asking myself that question.  This year I have had a few girls mention the formation of clicks within our dorm as well as noticing them myself.  I am at a loss for words because I can not change hearts.  All I can do is create events, situations, activities that force the girls out of their own protective bubble.  But the hard part is when the girls are not open to one another.  This will be one of our greatest struggles this year.  Pray for unity and that the Lord will bring our dorm to an understanding of one another. 

Friday, September 18, 2009

hEaD cAsE

I went to the doctor today for a check-up on my head. I have not been as dizzy lately, but still do experience cases that are isolated to find a common thread in my dizziness. The doctor has referred me to get an MRI. He just wants to cover all his bases. I think that is wise and kind of him.

Not only physically is my head a mess, but I also, have just been up and down with emotions since I have been here. This year is so different. I have my good days and bad days. But I feel that is inevitable. But i must battle the insecurities and worries that go on in my head. I must remember that Satan has many tricks up his sleeve and is wanting to distract and dishearten me as often as possible. The greatest thought though that enters my mind is the faithfulness of God. Praise His HOLY Name!

Monday, September 14, 2009


Last night I was sitting in the office working on the computer. I heard two people laughing so I turned in the swivel chair to see who was making the noise out the window.  I didn't see anyone so I turned back to the computer.  I few seconds later I heard the noise again and I finally saw two of my girls standing, staring at me through the window laughing.  They said they had been there for a while.  Then they left.  I turned back to my work at the computer.  A few moments later the girls popped their heads and screamed, causing me to squeal.  It made me so happy that they kept scaring me!!  So then I turned back to my work on the computer.  A few minutes later there was a white sheet with a face made from tape and a sign that said, "Cara...BOO!" drifting down from the balcony above.  I took a picture and it made me laugh so hard.  As I entered my room later that evening I noticed my pillows had been rearranged; when I pulled them back I found the sign that said, "Cara...Boo!" It made me smile that they cared to continue with the scaring tactic!

Friday, September 11, 2009


Tonight is going to be a night to remember.  Our dorm is having a dance off at our school's Fall Party.  It will be the Beauties vs. the Geeks.  The theme this year is opposites.  It is a fun concept.  Hopefully our girls just have fun with the performance and don't take themselves too seriously...
I'll let you know how it goes...

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

SaY a LiTtLe PrAyEr

Just a little request for prayer.  I asked the Lord, with complete awareness, as I was leaving to return back to BFA, to be tested with patience. I knew with full knowledge what that meant.  I trusted in the fact that the Lord would test me.  And right now I ask that you come alongside me in prayer that I will stand firm in embracing the patience to interact with others when situations and tensions are high.


Monday, September 7, 2009

RuGbY and ChOo-ChOo

This weekend was an event.    All the boy dorms competed against one another in Rugby.  It was brutally, hilarious.  Our girls were like Switzerland.  Why you may ask?  Well, most of the girl dorms have a brother dorm, but due to our location we have no ties to any dorm, which means we can pick and choose who we want to connect ourselves with.  It was really fun yelling..."Go boy dorm!!! I love neutrality!!" throughout the series of games.  In the end, I didn't care who won.  It was just fun going somewhere with the girls.

On Sunday we road this old fashion locomotive from Kandern to Wittlingen.  It is a tourist train that runs during the warmer months.  The conductors dress in their appropriate gear.  In our car there was a man playing the trombone.  It was a fun experience.  Some of our girls were in their own pity moods, but I enjoyed myself.  It was something that I had wanted to do ever since I heard the steam engine blare its horn at 8 in the morning on a Saturday.  

Thursday, September 3, 2009

FuNnY hApPeNiNgS

First, yesterday I had to take one of my girls to the hospital because she was having knee pain.  She already has had two knee surgeries and is planning on having one in two weeks.  But the pain in her knee was so bad she could not walk so the nurses at our school wanted us to get an MRI.  The nurses told me they made an appointment at the hospital since her normal doctor is on holiday and to just wait in the ER.  So we went and told the ER secretary that we needed to see this particular doctor.  She understood and told us to wait.  We finally we were received by a doctor and he basically told us he could not do anything except prescribe some pain relievers.  Then he proceeded to tell us that if we continued to have problems we must go see this other doctor in orthopedics.  At this announcement my eyes grew wide because that was the doctor I thought we were talking to.  As soon as we exited the room we went on a hunt for this mystery doctor.  We finally found him on the third floor of the hospital.  Lucky for us none of his nurses spoke English and did not understand us.  Finally they brought in the doctor and he told us he could not do anything.  He did not want to give her an MRI nor did he want to be another doctor on her list of doctors since she already intended to have a surgery soon.  We left laughing .  I felt like I was in the Twilight Zone.  O the story is not over yet, then I went to pick up her prescriptions.  One of them they did not have because it was only at a particular apotheke (drugstore) about 30 minutes away.  And then the other was ibuprofen (I mean really...we have those on tap in our dorm...ridiculous).

Okay, then this one just made me laugh.  This morning the bus was waiting on two of our girls so I went to go get them girls.  While I was on the way to her room the other girl had come down.  She asked me in passing where everyone was.  I said they were waiting on the bus.  When I got to the other girl's room she exited immediately and the girl that I had passed immediately entered.  She turned around and just looked at me with this complete puppy dog face.  You know the one of complete peace, trust, and joy.  I looked at her confused and asked her what she was doing.  She looked at me and responded, "Aren't we all meeting up here?" I started laughing really hard and said everyone was on the bus.  She started to laugh and run downstairs toward the bus.  I guess it does not sound as funny, but I just had to share this moment.

LiTtLe PrAyEr

Lately, I have been feeling myself pulling away emotionally from the girls and my fellow staff members.  I don't know if it is because I don't want to step on anyones toes or if by pulling away it will be easier to make a decision about next year without outside influences.  Deciding about next year will be one of the hardest decisions I have had to make, at least to this point in my life.  I know I am avoiding the inevitable, but I am coming to the realization that the Lord will bring forth a direction and I will follow where He leads.  Amen! to the fact that I do not have to feel alone in this decision.

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